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Nizan Beads

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Nizan Beads
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A single Nizan patterned chunky triangle shaped bead, approximately 12 x 11mm in size. ..
£0.30 Ex Tax: £0.25
A single large Nizan pattern chunky triangle bead, each approximately 17 x 18mm in size. ..
£0.95 Ex Tax: £0.79
A single oval shaped Czech glass Nizan patterned bead, approximately 12 x 9mm in size.  ..
£0.20 Ex Tax: £0.17
A single pendant shaped Czech glass Nizan pattern bead, approximately 12 x 18mm in size ..
£0.45 Ex Tax: £0.38
A pack of 4 Nizan patterned 'Chicklet' shaped beads, each approximately 12 x 8mm in size.  ..
£1.00 Ex Tax: £0.83
A single small Nizan pattern oval shaped bead, approximately 16 x 11mm in size.  ..
£0.35 Ex Tax: £0.29