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2mm   Knotting Cord - 164m Reel,  Lt Chocolate -50%
Dazzle it lovely knots 1mm knotting cord available in a choice of 13 colours. ..
£21.28 £10.64 Ex Tax: £8.87
35 pieces of Crystal Donut 6x8mm Peridot AB -50%
Great value - great quality. Cut crystals in donut shape in a Vibrant colour. Supplied on a strand that is approx. 20cm long. ..
£1.80 £0.90 Ex Tax: £0.75
4mm Black Diamond Smooth Round  Czech Beads -  44 Beads -50%
A strand of approximately 44 Czech 4mm round beads in Black Diamond.  ..
£1.40 £0.70 Ex Tax: £0.58
4mm Blue Opaque Czech Machine Cut Bicones, Bag of 48 pieces -50%
Superb quality Czech Preciosa 4mm Rondelles. Machine cut to accurate dimensions and consistant in size, hole centering and colour. Supplied in a bag of 48 pieces. ..
£2.65 £1.32 Ex Tax: £1.10
6mm Alexandrite Czech-Bicones, pack of 48 pcs -50%
Made in the Czech Republic, produced for Jablonex. These are high quality-Rondelles (or Bicones). Packed in bags of 48 pieces...
£4.65 £2.33 Ex Tax: £1.94
7mm Silver Colour Tag, pack of 24pcs, 322B-003 -50%
Use these Tags instead of Jump Rings, to fasten to Lobster or Bolt ring clasps. ..
£0.90 £0.45 Ex Tax: £0.38
Beadalon 110T-010 Hybraid Strong, Knottable and Abrasion Resistant Beading Wire -50%
Hybraid is a new hybrid stringing material that combines three materials in a single cord. The core of Hybraid is made of copper wire, surrounded by Spectraï_ braided fiber, and then encased in braided stainless steel wire. Hybraid combines the best characteristics of wire and cord in a single product. This unique product exhibits extra texture, body, energy, and it feels and behaves unlike any other beading material. Made in USA. The wire can be knotted and is very strong (Spectra ..
£9.95 £4.98 Ex Tax: £4.15
Beadalon 357A-011 Cones, 12.2mm, Gold Plated, 12 Pack -50%
These base metal Cones are great for making earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Use German Style Wire or ColourcraftWire to make multiple connections inside the Cone. Also great for chain tassels. ..
£2.63 £1.31 Ex Tax: £1.09
Blue GRIFFIN Professional 2mm  Rounded Beef Leather Cord -50%
A metre length of 2mm Griffin professional leather in Blue.  ..
£2.01 £1.01 Ex Tax: £0.84
Chalk White Red Luster Rizo Beads approx. 20gm -50%
Approximately 20 grams of 6 x 2.5mm Czech glass Rizo beads in Chalk White Red Luster. Rizo beads are 2.5 x 6mm with a hole at one end, and are the same shape as a grain of rice. In RAW, Herringbone and Peyote stitch they can be perfectly combined with 11/0 seed beads to add texture to your work. Smaller then a dagger, longer then a drop and packed full of creative potential for your beadwork designs ..
£3.33 £1.66 Ex Tax: £1.39
Cornelian GRIFFIN Professional 2mm  Rounded Beef Leather Cord -50%
A metre length of 2mm Griffin professional leather in Cornelian. ..
£2.01 £1.01 Ex Tax: £0.84
Crystal Amber 5x3mm Pinch Beads, Approx 10gms -50%
Approximately 10 grams of Czech glass Pinch beads in Crystal Amber. These 5x3mm Czech pinch beads are very versatile and come in a great selection of colours. They're a great all-rounder - as well as general stringing they're very popular for kumihimo and are also ideal for making beaded beads. ..
£2.36 £1.18 Ex Tax: £0.98
Heart Shaped Charm Bezel, 20 x 19mm, Pack of 2, Rhodium Plated -50%
A pack of 2 heart shaped charm bezels, Rhodium plated. Each approximately 20 x 19mm in size. Fill these bezels with Apoxie or Resin to make unique designs. ..
£4.30 £2.15 Ex Tax: £1.79
Miyuki 11/0 Magic Apple Coating. Approx 10 Grams -50%
Approximately 10 grams of Miyuki size 11/0 seed beads in Crystal Magic Apple.  ..
£1.98 £0.99 Ex Tax: £0.82
Miyuki Size 11 White Funky Orchid. Apprx 10gm -50%
Approximately 10 grams of Miyuki size 11/0 seed beads in White funky Orchid.  ..
£1.47 £0.73 Ex Tax: £0.61
PB75-28 Wire Coil Steampunk Style, 27x12mm, 4 Pack, Antique Silver -50%
A 4 pack of steampunk style, wire coil charms, 27x12mm in size. ..
£0.94 £0.47 Ex Tax: £0.39
Pellet Beads Chalk White Blue 4x6mm 50pieces -50%
A pack of 50 Czech glass Pellet beads in Chalk White Blue. Each bead is approximately 4 x 6mm in size.  ..
£2.30 £1.15 Ex Tax: £0.96
Shell Disc Bracelet -50%
Create a simple but effective Shell Disc Bracelet.Colours available - red/ grey blue only. Pattern Design Created by Andre Curran...
£9.95 £4.98 Ex Tax: £4.15
4mm Para Cord, Length of 16ft, Desert Camo -50%
A length of approximately 16 foot of para cord in Desert Camo.  ..
£3.01 £1.50 Ex Tax: £1.25
4mm Round Glass Pastella Beads, Amazonian Green, 8" Strand -50%
New! A 8" strand (or approx 45 beads) of 4mm Czech glass pastella beads in Amazonian Green.  ..
£1.45 £0.72 Ex Tax: £0.60
5mm Crystal Venus Czech Machine Cut Bicones, Bag of 48 Pieces -50%
A bag of 48 5mm Czech machine cut bicones in Crystal Venus. ..
£3.15 £1.58 Ex Tax: £1.31
6mm Bicone Beads, Alabaster Black Metallic, Pack of 50 -50%
A pack of 50 Czech glass coated bicone beads in Alabaster Black Metallic, each approximately 6mm in size.  ..
£2.59 £1.29 Ex Tax: £1.08
7 x 11mm UFO Beads Chalk Apricot, 20 Beads -50%
A strand of 20 Czech glass UFO beads in Chalk Apricot. Each bead has a slightly elongated shape.  ..
£3.23 £1.62 Ex Tax: £1.35
8mm Czech Fire Polished Beads, Crystal Clarite, 25 Beads -50%
A strand of 25 Czech glass 8mm fire polished beads in Crystal Clarite.  ..
£3.10 £1.55 Ex Tax: £1.29
Acrylic Round Veined Beads, White, 25mm -50%
A single large White acrylic bead with gold veined detail. Approximately 25mm in size.  ..
£0.30 £0.15 Ex Tax: £0.13
Antique Silver Tibetan Style Hanger Beads, 8 x 5.5mm, Pack of 50 -50%
A bulk pack of fifty Tibetan style Antique Silver beads with a hanger design. Each bead is approximately 8 x 5.5mm in size. Perfect for charm bracelets!  ..
£9.95 £4.97 Ex Tax: £4.15
Beadalon 340C-012 Oval Link Chain, Gunmetal, 1 Metre Length -50%
A one metre length of Beadalon oval link chain in Gunmetal. Each link is approximately 4.2mm in size.  ..
£3.40 £1.70 Ex Tax: £1.42
Dilly Bead Pad - the ideal 'work-in-progress' bead storage pad -50%
Silaba Dilly Bead Pad for keeping your beads to hand when working. This handy little tool makes it easy to keep your beads in one place when Beading. Measurig 6" x 5", it has raised edges to stop the beads from rolling and has a felt non-slip base. Ideal for use with Silaba De-luxe Bead Trays. ..
£7.00 £3.50 Ex Tax: £2.92
Glazed 12mm Beads, Orange, Blue & Green, Pack of 5 -50%
A pack of 5 painted and glazed glass beads in Orange, Blue and Green.  ..
£0.50 £0.25 Ex Tax: £0.21
JW14-Asst Beadalon 19 STrand Steel Beading String Wire, .015in (0.38mm) Assorted Colours, 30ft ea 6 Spools -50%
JW14-Asst  Beadalon 19 STrand Steel Beading String Wire, .015in (0.38mm) Assorted Colours, 30ft ea 6 Spools ..
£57.67 £28.84 Ex Tax: £24.03
Light Blue High Quality Czech Glass Mixes in 250g Bag -50%
A bulk 250 gram bag of Czech glass in a Light Blue coloured mix. Supplied in a pack of various shapes and sizes. Available in Green, Light Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet, Crystal, Topaz or Dark Blue. ..
£12.50 £6.25 Ex Tax: £5.21
Lime Green Acrylic Flat Back Rose, 45mm -50%
Lime green flat back acrylic rose bead. Perfect for beading around, or for use as a focal piece. Drilled through the side so it lays flat. ..
£1.25 £0.62 Ex Tax: £0.52