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Last Chance!

These are products being discontinued - so if you see your favourite, grab it quick! This category will be updated, so keep coming back! 

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60% off Rizo Bead Bundle! -60%
Rizo beads come in a huge range of colours, and we've put together ten tubes for you, with a massive 60% off! Colours may vary from the image shown. This is a very limited offer.  ..
£41.25 £16.50 Ex Tax: £13.75
CzechMates Triangle Beads Bundle! -50%
A bundle of ten tubes of CzechMates Triangle Beads in different colours, all with a massive 50% off! You will receive a mix of colours, which may vary from the image shown.  ..
£20.00 £10.00 Ex Tax: £8.33
Glass Gumdrop Bundle with Free Storage Box! -60%
A huge bundle of 200 Czech glass gumdrop beads in a mix of colours - all supplied in a handy storage box!  ..
£23.00 £9.20 Ex Tax: £7.67
Half Price Bi-Bo Bead Bundle -50%
A huge ten tubes of Czech glass Bi-Bo beads - with 50% off! Similar to Superduos in shape, Bi-bo beads could be used anywhere in place of a Superduo or Twin hole bead. Try something new!  ..
£23.30 £11.65 Ex Tax: £9.71
Half Price Button Bead Bundle! -50%
This is a great chance to try out a new shape of beads - ten tubes of Czech glass button beads at half our normal price! Button Beads have a flat surface and a pointed end. It can be easily combined with seed beads. The pointy end makes it easy to include in many designs and basic stitches. Height approx 4mm, bottom part approx 4.5mm.Colours may vary from the image shown.  ..
£17.20 £8.60 Ex Tax: £7.17
Half Price Crystal Bundle! -50%
Get 10 strands of our popular 6x8mm Ori crystals for half price! You will receive a bundle of 10 strands, colours may vary from the image shown. Perfect as sparkly spacer beads, Christmas jewellery gifts or simple drop earrings!  ..
£22.00 £11.00 Ex Tax: £9.17
Half Price Czechmates Brick Bead Bundle! -50%
A huge 50% off ten strands of CzechMates twin hole Brick Beads in a mix of colours - colours may vary from the image show. ..
£26.00 £13.00 Ex Tax: £10.83
Half Price Griffin Leather Bundle -50%
Great, value, a pack of five different coloured packets of Griffin 2mm leather - That's 5 metres for only £5!  ..
£10.00 £5.00 Ex Tax: £4.17
Half Price Tango Beads Bundle -50%
A bundle of ten packets of Czech glass Tango beads - at half the normal price! Colours may vary from the image shown but you will receive ten different colours.  ..
£30.00 £15.00 Ex Tax: £12.50
Miyuki 1.8mm Cube Bundle, 50% Off! -50%
A bundle of 10 tubes of Miyuki size 1.8mm cube beads in a mix of colours - colours may vary from the image shown. A great offer with a huge 50% off!  ..
£36.00 £18.00 Ex Tax: £15.00
Miyuki 10/0 Triangles Bundle, 50% off! -50%
A bundle of 15 tubes of Miyuki size 10 triangle beads in a mix of colours - may vary from the image shown. A great offer with a huge 50% off!  ..
£20.00 £10.00 Ex Tax: £8.33
Miyuki Coated 11/0 Beads Bundle -50%
Amazing value - you will receive ten tubes of Miyuki size 11/0 Czech coated seed beads in different colours. Colours may vary from the pictures shown.  ..
£24.50 £12.25 Ex Tax: £10.21
Pinch Beads Bundle! -57%
Great value - a pack of ten tubes of Czech glass pinch beads, all bundled together at less then half price! You will receive ten different colours, colours may vary from the image shown. Perfect for Kumihimo jewellery!  ..
£23.50 £10.00 Ex Tax: £8.33
Wire Wrapping Bundle with Semi Precious Stones -50%
A bundle of Beadalon bulk 28 gauge Non Tarnish Silver Artistic Wire with 5 semi precious cabochons for wrapping!  ..
£37.65 £18.83 Ex Tax: £15.69
18GA Weave Chain Maille Ring, I.D 3.18mm, Non Tarnish Silver, 64 Pcs -50%
A pack of 64 Beadalon spiral chain maille rings in Non Tarnish Silver. Inner diameter of 3.18mm in a 'weave' pattern.  ..
£2.95 £1.47 Ex Tax: £1.23
6mm Bicone Beads, Alabaster Black Metallic, Pack of 50 -50%
A pack of 50 Czech glass coated bicone beads in Alabaster Black Metallic, each approximately 6mm in size.  ..
£2.59 £1.29 Ex Tax: £1.08
8mm Round Patterned Disc Spacer Beads, Copper, Pack of 18 -50%
A pack of 18 8mm round patterned disc spacer beads in Copper.  ..
£0.95 £0.47 Ex Tax: £0.40
Bell Closer With Extension Chain 8x9mm, Copper -50%
A single bell closer with a 2 inch extension chain. We recommend you glue your bead strands into place, roughing up the inside first to get a better adhesion. ..
£1.05 £0.53 Ex Tax: £0.44
Bird of Paradise Gold Colour Large Locket -46%
Pretty bird of paradise design gold coloured locket. Approx 45x35mm in size. ..
£0.16 £0.08 Ex Tax: £0.07
Blue Colour 5mm round Stingray Leather in multiples of 20cm -50%
5mm Stingray Leather, moulded around a hollow nylon tube. Beautiful textured pebble-like finish which is very durable. The leather can be threaded over wire - such as memory wire or can be glued into one of our glue-in clasps. Pre cut in lengths of 20cms.  ..
£3.25 £1.62 Ex Tax: £1.35
Crystal 9mm Glass Rings, 10 pieces -50%
A pack of 10 Czech glass rings in Crystal. Each ring is approximately 9mm in size. Perfect for large chunky cords, maybe Kumihimo? ..
£1.75 £0.87 Ex Tax: £0.73
Glass Peacock Tiny Flat Beads 5x3.5mm Transparent Aqua, pack of 40 -50%
A strand of approximately 40 Tiny Flat glass Peacock beads in Transparent Aqua.  ..
£1.60 £0.80 Ex Tax: £0.67
GRIFFIN Pearl Caring Cloth -50%
Pearls are a natural product exposed to a variety of influences when worn. Cleaning the pearls with a GRIFFIN Pearl Caring Cloth after wearing will protect them from harmful influences and bring out their natural lustre. ..
£6.82 £3.41 Ex Tax: £2.84
Juicy Fruit Gumdrops, 12pcs -50%
A pack of 12 Czech glass gumdrop beads in Juicy Fruit.  ..
£1.40 £0.70 Ex Tax: £0.58
Kumihimo Accessories Bundle -50%
A bundle of items to get you started on a beaded Kumihimo piece! Bundle contains two tubes of size 6/0 beads in an Orange glass mix, a tube of E6000 glue, a reel of SLON and two bullet end findings, one of each in Silver and Antique Silver.  ..
£10.35 £5.18 Ex Tax: £4.31
Metallic Gold Terra 2-Cut Size 10/0, Approx 22g -50%
Great for designs with a bit of additional sparkle! These beads are 2-cut - they have two facets - which give an additional sparkle to the, They are finishe in metallic Gold Terra (Terra is a heat treatment process that produces a more durable finish)Approximately 22 grams. Supplied in a reusable screw top vial.  ..
£3.60 £1.80 Ex Tax: £1.50
Split Rings 25mm, 4 Pack, Gold plated -50%
25mm large spilt ring, 4 Pack ..
£1.38 £0.69 Ex Tax: £0.58
Trinity Beads Turquoise Blue Picasso, Approx 5 Grams -50%
Approximately 5 grams of Czech glass Trinity beads in Turquoise Blue Picasso.  ..
£2.60 £1.30 Ex Tax: £1.08