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Stamping Kits
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ImpressArt Basic Stamping Kit -33%
New to Stamping and do not want to spend a fortune? Then this Impressart Kit is for you. It contains;ImpressArt Ergo Brass Hammer ImpressArt small stamping Block 3mm Sans Serif font A pack of 5 25mm 14ga Aluminium Blanks to get you started...
£64.80 £43.20 Ex Tax: £36.00
New from ImpressArt, this stamping kit contains everything you need to get started! Bridgette 4mm letter stamps, Ergo hammer and block. Please note that the regular Bridgette letter sets are 3mm if you are planning to use this with the Uppercase font.  ..
£87.71 Ex Tax: £73.09
Metal Stamping Basic Starter Set -56%
Want to try our Metal Stamping but are worried about the cost? We have put together a great starter set for you in order to get you into the Hobby - or even just to personalise a special project?The set includes;3mm Arial Upper case Font Metal Stamp set in zipped storage wallet with marked spaces for each letter. ImpressArt Ergo  Brass Stamping Hammer Beadalon 2" Stamping Block..
£61.45 £27.04 Ex Tax: £22.53
Metal Stamping Kit- Jeanie Lowercase ..
£69.95 Ex Tax: £58.29
ImpressArt metal stamping kits contain the essential tools for stamping metal. Each kit includes a 1 lb. Brass Metal Stamping Hammer, 2' Steel Block with Rubber Feet, and an ImnpressArt Metal Letter Stamp Set. ..
£87.71 Ex Tax: £73.09