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The widest range of Metal Stamping products - and our Tools & Supplies are an essential part of this increasingly popular craft.

Here you will find a range of Tools and finishes to apply to your craft work that make your designs truly unique.

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Stitched leather pouch filled with sand to absorb the energy, noise, and vibration caused by hammering on a Bench Block or Anvil to flatten wire or chase metal. 4x4 inch (10.2x10.2cm) ..
£9.46 Ex Tax: £7.88
Use this block under a traditional Steel Block to absorb the shock of striking the Steel with a hammer. May also be used by itself to limit the marring from hammering on side of sheet or wire. Beware! Rubber is bouncy - energy transferred to the block will bounce back! ..
£5.67 Ex Tax: £4.73
ImpressArt's metal stamping hammer is the first hammer ever to be designed specifically for metal stamping. Its scaled down ergonomic handle makes the hammer easy to handle and ensures force and accuracy. The smaller 8oz. brass head, ideal for use with Aluminium is designed to prevent double impressions and protects the metal stamps so they'll last longer.  ..
£17.28 Ex Tax: £14.40
ImpressArt Ergo Angle Brass Hammer with replaceable face -20%
ImpressArt's New 'Ergo' metal stamping hammer launched in June 2015. Has a replaceable brass hammer face - when worn, just replace te face!   ..
£20.40 £16.32 Ex Tax: £13.60
Our 2 hole punch creates 1.6 mm (1/16') holes in discs and findings. This replacement punch fits the ImpressArt two-hole punch...
£2.50 Ex Tax: £2.08
ImpressArt Texture Hammer  for 6mm Design Stamps -9%
This simple to use tool allows you to create unique textures using your metal stamps as texture heads. To use, simply insert a ImpressArt 6mm stamp into the head, tighten the handle, and stamp repeatedly. Includes Sprinkle pattern stamp. Note the Texture Stamper should not be used when a single, full impression is desired. ..
£25.00 £22.80 Ex Tax: £19.00
Use this quality leather pad to protect your work when hammering or shaping, Place it bewteen you work and workpiece. It helps prevent nicks and cuffs when hammering wire and metal. 76 x 76mm in size. Ideal for using with our mandrels when you want to hammer things into shape. ..
£6.46 Ex Tax: £5.38
This hardwood sizing drum is perfect for forming wire or thin metal into oval bracelet shapes. Use it with a chasing hammer and leather pad for best results.   ..
£6.96 Ex Tax: £5.80
This hardwood sizing drum is perfect for forming wire or thin metal into round bracelet shapes. Use it with a chasing hammer and leather pad for best results.   ..
£6.58 Ex Tax: £5.48
2 Piece Set of Double Headed Brushes - PBU1155 4 Useful brushes on 2 handles - Brass/Steel/Hard & Soft bristle     ..
£5.53 Ex Tax: £4.61
Use this brass head to turn your texture hammer into a long handled stamping hammer. No need to buy a Brass hammer if you use this combination! ..
£7.20 Ex Tax: £6.00
Cassie Browns Locking Forceps (Straight) CD5045  The Cassie Brown Cake Craft range of cake decorating and sugarcraft supplies includes many often hard to find quality tools and materials for use by enthusiasts and professionals alike. ..
£6.50 Ex Tax: £5.42
Make good use of your Impressart texture Hammer with this replacement chasing hammer head. N need to buy a seperate hammer, just insert this head into your texturing hammer and away you go! ..
£7.20 Ex Tax: £6.00
Display Turn Table - PBA9119 ..
£21.60 Ex Tax: £18.00
ImpressArt Crystal Czech Rivets, 6mm, 5Pcs ..
£3.00 Ex Tax: £2.50
A set of replacement tips for your ImpressArt Ergo hammer.  ..
£10.50 Ex Tax: £8.75
A pack of five Czech rivets in Light Green, made by ImpressArt. Perfect for embellishing leather and metal stamping!  ..
£3.00 Ex Tax: £2.50
Metal Complex Leather Works - A Hands-on manual to Leather Crafting - by Fernando Dasilva  ..
£3.75 Ex Tax: £3.12
2 round replacement pins for the Metal Complex hole punch.  ..
£2.75 Ex Tax: £2.29
Metal Elements Aluminium Hollow Rivet for Metal Stamping, 1/16, 100 pcs ..
£6.43 Ex Tax: £5.36
A pack of approximately 100 brass hollow eyelets for metal stamping. Diameter 1/16" and length 5/32".  ..
£4.94 Ex Tax: £4.11
Designed for the ImpressArt Hole Punch pliers. Two pairs of 1/16inch cutters and nuts...
£2.10 Ex Tax: £1.75
Rotary Cutters - PKN6195/S A convenient way to cut materials such as - Leather, Fabric, Paper, Vinyl, Card and veneers ect -  Yellow Handle = Cutting Red Handle = For Perforation  Blue Handle = For Scoring ..
£8.95 Ex Tax: £7.46
A book of 20 Scratch protector stickers - helps to prevent scratches and reduce distortion on the back of blanks when stamping. The gridline pattern acts as a guide for stamping symmetrical messages and designs. Simply place on steel block before stamping. The stickers are 55mm square - a perfect fit for the ImpressArt small stamping block, but can be used on other blocks as well...
£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.16
10oz in weight, this hammer is designed for texturing surfaces (soft metals, clay and leather). Each face is 30mm diameter. One side has a weve pattern the other has stripes. ..
£20.88 Ex Tax: £17.40
Sunshine Polishing Cloth - PC1  Keep nyour jewellery looking NEW!!  This amazing cloth safely cleans Gold, SIlver, Brass & Copper - Rub Surface to be polished with medium pressure.  Special polishing and cleansing action works until cloth is completely darkened. Please note  = DO NOT WASH THIS CLOTH. ..
£5.01 Ex Tax: £4.17
10oz in weight, this hammer is designed for texturing surfaces (soft metals, clay and leather). Each face is 30mm diameter. One side has a thin circel pattern the other has speckles. ..
£20.88 Ex Tax: £17.40
Heavier to use, but requires less of a swing to hit your stamps! ..
£7.68 Ex Tax: £6.40
A great but simple idea from Impressart! A pack of 36 Bracelet stickers for us as a guide when stamping. Simply stick the guides on to your workpiece and use the markings to align your stamps to get even spacing. The book of stickers contains; ..
£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.16
Neat little Bench Block, ideal for smaller jobs such as hammering wires or stamping metal Blanks. ..
£11.48 Ex Tax: £9.57
This hefty Steel Bench Block is useful for shaping and flattening wire forms. Create custom pieces with ColourCraft wire and German Style Wire using the Bench Block and Chasing Hammer - or for those who prefer to do so - buy two plates and whack them together with your wire in between! 3'' x 3'' x 1' (75mm x75mm x 25mm). ..
£17.76 Ex Tax: £14.80
Beadsmith 2-Hole Screw Punch 1.5 and 2mm hole -25%
Features 2 different hole sizes, 1.6mm (.060 inch) and 2.0mm (.0.078 inch) Made of hardended steel. Tempered for making precision holes in soft metal up to 24 gauge! Screw action makes holes without deforming metal. Can also be used for leather, plastic & other materials. A perfect hole every time! ..
£13.20 £9.92 Ex Tax: £8.27
Features 4 different hole sizes, 3.2mm (1/8 inch), 4mm (5/32 inch), 1.6mm (1/16 inch) and 2.4mm (3 /32 inch).Made of hardended steel.Deeper, extended 3/4" reach. Punches soft metal sheet up to 20 gauge. ..
£18.67 Ex Tax: £15.56
A single replacement for the Beadsmith two hole punch  - this is to replace the 1.5mm hole ..
£3.58 Ex Tax: £2.98