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Stamping Kits
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ImpressArt Basic Stamping Kit -33%
New to Stamping and do not want to spend a fortune? Then this Impressart Kit is for you. It contains; ImpressArt Ergo Brass Hammer ImpressArt small stamping Block 3mm Sans Serif font A pack of 5 25mm 14ga Aluminium Blanks to get you started. ..
£64.80 £43.20 Ex Tax: £36.00
Metal Stamping Basic Starter Set -37%
Want to try our Metal Stamping but are worried about the cost? We have put together a great starter set for you in order to get you into the Hobby - or even just to personalise a special project? The set includes; 3mm Arial Upper case Font Metal Stamp set in zipped storage wallet ImpressArt Ergo  Brass Stamping Hammer Beadalon 2" Stamping Block ..
£61.41 £38.40 Ex Tax: £32.00
Newsprint ImpressArt Metal Stamping Kit -  Lower Case 4mm Stamps, Brass Hammer & Steel Block -20%
ImpressArt metal stamping kits contain the essential tools for stamping metal. Each kit includes a 1 lb. Brass Metal Stamping Hammer, 2' Steel Block with Rubber Feet, and an ImnpressArt Metal Letter Stamp Set. ..
£87.71 £70.17 Ex Tax: £58.47