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***Limited to one bundle per Customer***

Size 8/0 Delicas - often know as 'Double Delicas' are the largest in the Miyuki Delica range. They are used in many designs when a larger Delica is called for, maybe to make a statement or to form the underlying shape of 3-D designs. Being larger, they tend to promote their colours better. This bundle is a great way to start building your stash, to supplement it or just buy the most stock at an amazing price!

This Awesome Bundle contains 10 different colours in 5.2g (approx) packs of our most popular size 8/0 in the past 12 months. That means;

  1. Black Matte, DBL0310
  2. Crystal Silver Lined, DBL0041
  3. White Opal Lined, DBL0221
  4. Black Opaque, DBL0010
  5. Metallic Olive, DBL0011
  6. Red/Orange Silver Lined, DBL0043
  7. White Pearl Opaque Luster, DBL0201
  8. Bronze Matte Metallic, DBL0322
  9. Sparkling Aqua Green lined, DBL0904
  10. Matte Metallic Green Iris, DBL0324

We have more than 125 colours of Miyuki size 8/0 delicas, so just 115 more to collect!!

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