Gel Du Soleil Sunlight Curing Epoxy *Out of Date*


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Please note this is out of date but we have tested and it works fine!

This clear glaze will cure in the sun or with a UV lamp.It can be mixed with pigments to create a glass like surface which can be domed. Great for use with bezels - create a domed cabochon look by applying multiple layers, curing each layer before applying the next. Embed "found objects" within Gel du Soleil™.

Takes approximately 15 minutes to cure, and will then continue to harden over the next two hours. This size bottle will allow you to fill about 4-6 pendants, depending on the size. Available in 9ml. (0.3 fl. oz.)

Features of Gel du Soleil include:

  • One step, no additional sealing or cleaning required
  • Tint with transparent resin dyes
  • Crystal Clear
  • Waterproof
  • Non-toxic, but we always recommend using epoxy and resin products in a well ventilated room.

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