CJ Beaders were the first retailer in the UK to stock ImpressArt metal stamping kits and metal design stamps and our range continues to grow !

Developed for stamping into soft metals (Aluminium, Pewter, Gold, Silver, copper and brass) the stamps can also be used with leather and precious metal clay. We stock a range of Alphabet stamps - in Upper and Lower case, plus numbers, punctuation stamps and over 300 different designs stamps. In addition we stock a large range of Blanks in different metals and at great prices. (Professional Jewellers can purchase at Trade price when registered with us).

The alphabet stamps come in three types; Basic, Standard and Premium. The basic range are great for beginners and come at a very affordable price. Moving to the standard range brings easier to use and store stamps (plus 'Bonus' stamps) for those who do a lot of stamping. The Premium range are designed for use with Stainless Steel - though are great for all soft metals as well.

For beginners, Aluminium are the easiest and cheapest Blanks to start with. Alkeme is also easy to stamp and is made from a Silver Alloy. They do not scratch as easily as Aluminium and polish up beautifully .And if you want ready-to-go Jewellery for stamping, look no further than the Personal Impressions range. Gold and Silver plated blanks on a brass core, that re ready polished and come complete with neckchains - just stamp and use without having to polish the blanks. Introduced in 2019, the ImpressArt 'Artisan' range of Stamping Blanks are an upmarket range designed for the discerning user and wearer! With an easy to stamp pewter base, they are available in Gold, Silver or Rose Gold platings - the next best thing to solid Silver, Gold or Rose Gold.