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Craft Wire

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18mm Artistic Wire Mesh - Silver - 1m length
A 1 metre length of Beadalon Artistic Wire Mesh in Silver, 18mm. Artistic Wire Mesh is permanently colored copper craft wire woven into a mesh tube that's been flattened. Its hollow tubular design can be stretched, condensed, strung on, filled, tied, glued, and more! Fill the wire mesh with beads, shaped wire, or stretch the mesh to create 3-D shapes. To finish-off Artistic Wire Mesh, crimp it with C-Crimp findings, tie it, or try wrapping it with Artistic Wire. ..
£3.58 Ex Tax: £2.98
20 Gauge Silver Plated, Buy The Dozen
12 reels of Beadalon 20 gauge silver plastic Artistic Wire in a variety of colours - a great way to try out a new gauge or colour! Each reel is 3 yards, or 2.7 metres.  ..
£29.52 Ex Tax: £24.60
Artistic Wire, 18 Gauge (1.0 mm), Iron Color, 4 yd (3.6 m)
A smaller 4 yard reel of Beadalon Artistic Wire in Iron Colour, 18 gauge.  ..
£2.98 Ex Tax: £2.48
AW1-22S-10-1/4 22 Gauge Silver Non Tarnish Wire, 125.5FT
A 1/4lb reel of non tarnish silver artistic wire. 22 Gauge (0.64mm) reel, 125.5ft in length...
£21.46 Ex Tax: £17.88
AW1-26S-10-1/4 26 Gauge Silver Non Tarnish Wire, 315.25FT
A 1/4lb reel of non tarnish silver artistic wire. 26 Gauge (0.41mm) reel, 315.25ft in length...
£30.38 Ex Tax: £25.32
AW1-28-SS-1/4#, 28 Gauge Artistic Wire, Stainless Steel Coloured, 1/4LB
High-Quality copper-based Artistic Wire. Nice to work with. Dead-soft. 28 Gauge (0.32mm) and 498.3FT (151.9M) in length..
£18.30 Ex Tax: £15.25
AW1-28S-10-1/4 28 Gauge Silver Non Tarnish Wire, 498.25FT
A bulk 1/4lb reel of non tarnish silver artistic wire. 28 Gauge (0.32mm) reel, 498.25ft in length. Also available in other gauges and colours, and in smaller reels.  ..
£30.35 Ex Tax: £25.29