Weaving on the Jewel Loom with Leslie Rogalski

    Have you had a play with the Beadalon Jewel Loom? Here, we're sharing some top tips and hints from Beadalon and Leslie Rogalski! We LOVE to see your projects, don't forget to share them with us on our Facebook page! 

    1. Assemble the Loom by putting the metal rod in. Hold it against your belly and GENTLY bend the loom so you can fit the metal rod in one hole, then the next.
    2. Tie .006 WildFire to the button on the back of the Jewel Loom with a square knot (right over left, left over right). Give a tug to make sure it's secure.
    3. Bring the Warp Thread up and over the loom and secure it in one of the grooves. Pull it with tension across the top of the loom and rest it in the groove on the opposite side.
    4. Flip the loom over and bring the WildFire around the button on the back.
    5. Continue stringing the Warp Threads until you have one more Warp Thread than the beads you're going to use in your design. We used 5 in our demonstration.
    6. Wrap the WildFire around the button about 3 times. Leave about 5 inches of slack and cut it from the spool.
    7. Tie a square knot to secure the WildFire to the Button.
    8. Carefully remove the metal rod from the Jewel Loom by GENTLY bending against your belly. Take your finger and hold the top threads against the Loom. Wiggle the rod out of the holes. If it doesn't come out from the top hole easily, try the bottom hole first.

    Looking for some design inspirations for your Loom? How about making this pretty Drop Flechas Loomwork Cuff, also designed by Leslie Rogalski - find the free pattern HERE