Alphabet Letter and Number Stamps

Alphabet Letter and Number Stamps

Our large range of Letter and Number Stamps are designed for a range of uses. Please note, these stamps are designed for use on soft metals (such as Aluminium, Copper, brass, Gold, Silver and Pewter), clay, wood and thick card. They are not designed to be used on Stainless Steel - if you do need to stamp on Stainless Steel, then please take a look at our Premium range.

We have three ranges of Metal Alphabet & Letter stamps;

  1. Basic Range - These are raw metal stamps, so you do need to keep them dry and oil them occasionally to keep them rust-free. ImpressArt stamps come in a plastic storage box. Metal Complex and 'The Beadsmith' stamps come in nylon cases with individually labelled elastic holding slots.

  2. Standard Range - ImpressArt stamps are plated to make them oil-free and rust free. Most ImpressArt come in stackable storage boxes with labeled slots for each stamp.  All of the Stamps in this section are individually marked with the letter that makes easier identification and alignment of the stamps in use. Most of the ImpressArt Alphabet range also include 'Bonus' stamps, which make the sets extremely good value, since if purchased on their own would cost roughly the same as the Alphabet stamps themselves.

  3. Premium Range - As per the Standard range - but these stamps are specially hardened for longer life and for use on Stainless Steel.

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