Amethyst Silver Lined Miyuki size 6/0 Colour 24, 20g approx.


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The most popular size of Miyuki Seed Beads. Miyuki are our favourite- a Japanese brand , giving total consistency in shape and size.

Traditionally Seed Beads were measured by the number of beads to an inch- so there were 15 size 15/0 beads to an inch, meaning they were much smaller than a size 6/0 seed bead ( 6 beads to an inch). This is now an outdated measurement but it is still useful to help remember which are the smallest and the larger size beads.

A Size 6/0 seed bead measures approx. 4mm by 3mm with a hole size of 1.3mm. This means they are great for knitting and crochet projects and can be used with most DK yarns. In jewellery making they are perfect for larger statement pieces and Loom work.

Also great for older children as they easy to thread!

Supplied in a 20g pack ( approx. 330 beads)

Colour Purple

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