Multi-Hole Beads & CzechMates

Multi-Hole Beads & CzechMates

Multi-hole beads are a great addition to any beadwork and embroidery pieces. They allow you to add dimension, strength and texture to your design, along with the possibility of multiple thread paths and embellishment opportunities. Whether you want to create beaded paths, hinges or even bezels, multi-hole beads give you endless possibilities.

Our 2-hole bead range includes:

SuperDuos & MiniDuos, Etched Tiles & Etched Lentils, Baroque Cabochons, Dobbles & Piggys, Bi-Bo, Criss-Cross Cubes & Rullas, HoneyComb, Jewel Honeycomb & Silkys, GemDuo, DiamonDuo, StormDuos & ZoliDuos, Gingko & Lasered Kites, Karo, Tiles & Pyramid Studs.

Our 3-hole bead range includes Cali beads and Trinity beads.

Our CzechMates bead range includes:

2-Hole Brick beads, 2-Hole Bar beads, 2-Hole Crescent beads, 2-Hole Lentil beads, 2-Hole Triangle beads & 4-Hole Quadralentils.

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