Using our Website

In this section you'll find some useful videos and guides for navigating our website, to help you find the products you're looking for quickly and easily.

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Using the Filters for Miyuki Delica and Seed Beads

To help you find the right Miyuki Delica and Seed beads you are looking for, we have 3 filters to help you search quickly and easily:

1. By Colour

2. By Finish

3. By Weight

Watch the video to find out where to find these filters are and how to use them effectively

Understanding Miyuki Codes and Searching with these Colour Codes

Miyuki tubes of Delicas and Seed beads have codes on their labels. The video below explains how to read these codes to understand what types of beads were in the tube, the size of the beads and their colour code.

The video also explains how you can use these colour codes to find the corresponding beads on our website.