Gift Vouchers

If you're looking for a present for yourself or a friend, our gift vouchers could be just the ticket!

Our gift vouchers can be bought online here or in person in our New Forest Bead Shop and are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

You can choose any amount for your gift voucher, so it can suit all budgets and tastes!

Online Vouchers

  • To buy a gift voucher online you'll need to complete the form here
  • You can choose a theme for your online vouchers e.g. Christmas, Birthday or as a general gift
  • You can include a personalised message on any online voucher
  • Online vouchers will be emailed to your lucky recipient (or to any email address you wish) once the form has been completed and you've completed the transaction
  • Our online vouchers can be redeemed on both our website and in our New Forest Bead Shop. If you want to use it when you visit our shop, please let us know and we can arrange for this to happen
  • Online vouchers can only be redeemed on one transaction, however we can provide multiple gift vouchers for more than one transaction if required e.g. if you wanted a gift voucher for £100, you can opt for a single gift voucher for £100 (which must be spent in one single transaction) or 5 vouchers of £20 each or 10 vouchers of £10 each etc. You can either put through multiple gift voucher orders on our website then checkout once you have finished or, if you have already put through your order, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements and we'll be able to help you

New Forest Bead Shop Vouchers

  • Gift vouchers bought in our shop will be provided as a paper voucher with an envelope for you to take away
  • Paper vouchers can be redeemed in our New Forest Bead Shop or online (if you have a paper voucher and want to use it online please contact us to discuss this option, as we'll need to amend your voucher to make it acceptable on our website)
  • Paper vouchers can be used for more than one transaction in our New Forest Bead Shop, as we'll keep the voucher total updated as you use it