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A handy set of 4 diamond-tipped bead reamers.. Intended for use on glass, stone or ceramic beads in order to enlarge or de-burr the edges of holes. To ensure effective use, hold the beads in a bowl of water in order to avoid excessive wearing and proper lubrication of both tool and bead. Turn slowly and do not use excessive force, which could break both the bead and the tool. ..
£5.00 Ex Tax: £4.17
Battery Operated Bead Reamer with 3 reamer bits -12%
Operated by 2 AA batteries (not supplied), this handly reamer runs at 10,000rpm. Supplied with Large, fine and angled diamond coated interchangeable tips.  Note, as with all reamers, always use a water libricant to prevent damage to the tips. ..
£13.20 £11.59 Ex Tax: £9.65
To fit the Designer and Econo Reamers. For when your original wear out. **Please note, the picture shows all three replacement bits - this item is just the 45 degree bit.*** 45_ Edging Tip: 1.25 inches (4.45cm). Ideal for smoothing out rough edges on the holesl of beads. Do not forget to use your remaer bit under water to prevent excessive wear.   ..
£4.48 Ex Tax: £3.73
Simply the best Battery Operated Bead Reamer on the market. Easily enlarge holes in pearls, gemstone, or other beads. Simply submerge bead and tip into a small amount of water, firmly hold bead and press the button and watch the reamer work. Retail ready packaged, requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Includes two tapered tips. Replacement tips shown below. 5.25 inches (13.3cm). ..
£14.69 Ex Tax: £12.24
For use with the Beadalon Battery Operated Bead Reamer. Retail package contains two small tapered reamer tips, 2 inches (5cm). Rubber sleeve included. ..
£5.63 Ex Tax: £4.69
Beadalon Designer Reamer -7%
Three tools in one! Enlarge, de-burr, or round out bead holes. Three different tips are included, fitting bead holes from the smallest up to 5.0mm. Each tip is coated with diamond dust for smooth, even reaming. This Reamer is often copied and you will see similar looking cheap imports from the Far East. However, this is a precision tool, made and patented in the USA - if you are tempted by an inferior tool, look for the Patent number engraved on the tool! Tips store conveniently inside the too..
£24.46 £22.80 Ex Tax: £19.00
Beadalon Fine Pearl Reamer -5%
Like the Very Fine Pearl Reamer described previously, the Fine Pearl Reamer is designed to enlarge and smooth out drill holes in pearls. The Fine Pearl Reamer has a slightly larger drill diameter. Also a great tool for removing the white release clay from lampwork glass beads. 5 inches (12.7cm). Made in USA.     ..
£8.59 £8.12 Ex Tax: £6.77
Use the Beadalon Very Fine Pearl Reamer to enlarge and smooth out drill holes in pearls. The sharp, corkscrew-like file fits easily into the hole of any small pearl. Simply slide a pearl onto the file, and slide the pearl back and forth until desired interior diameter is reached. You will notice pearl dust as it cuts. Drill diameter: .60mm (.024?) 5 inches (12.7cm). Made in USA.     ..
£8.59 Ex Tax: £7.16
To fit the Designer and Econo Reamers. **Please note the picture shows all three models - this item is just the long fine tip bit** Large Tapered Reamer Tip: 3 1/8 inches (8cm). When using the reamer, make sure the bead is under water - this acts as a lubricant. Using the remaer without water will damage the reamer bit.     ..
£5.68 Ex Tax: £4.73
Reamer Tip Replacement  Bit, Small -31%
To fit the Designer and Econo Reamers.  FineTapered Reamer Tip. Use under water to prevent tip from excess wear. ..
£5.68 £3.94 Ex Tax: £3.28