Miyuki Delica Skin Tone Colours

Miyuki Delica Skin Tone Colours

by Damaris Ramenaden

We know many beaders enjoying working up beaded people, but sometimes finding the right skin colour or tone can be quite difficult. The variety of skin tones is innumerable; unfortunately Miyuki doesn't quite make enough beads to cover all the variances, so instead we've gone with some of our favourite colour choices.

Below, you'll see some colour charts with comparable Miyuki Delica bead numbers that you could use in your beadwork. As always, bear in mind the finish of the beads you wish to go with - a matte finish is very popular for more realistic portrayals, whereas AB finishes are great for more artistic or impressionistic designs. Some of the colours shown below can also be used for lips and cheek colours too. 

Please note, these colours and images have been taken directly from the Miyuki Directory, so may not be quite as accurate in real life, but we know they are popular choices amongst beaders. It is not exhaustive, so if you find another colour you like to use regularly, please let us know and we can update our list here.

Below, you'll find some additional colours that are popular amongst beaders that may also be of use in your beadwork.

We hope you find this list useful; please do let us know if you have any other colours that you feel would be good to include here.

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