Best Beading Tools For Jewellery Making

If you’re new to beaded jewellery making and are wondering what jewellery making supplies and tools to get for the task, then this article is for you! From pliers and crimping tools to crimpers and beading wire, good equipment is key when it comes to making beaded jewellery. Read on to find out about the best jewellery making tools and supplies that you'll need when beginning jewellery beading.

Three Essential Beaded Jewellery Making Materials

Before we discuss the tools you’ll need to start making beaded jewellery, let go over some of the most essential jewellery making materials you’ll need before you can start your project.

Jewellery Beads

Let’s talk about the most exciting part first, jewellery beads! It won’t surprise you that just like the are hundreds of various types of beadwork you can produce, there’s an even bigger variety of beads for making beaded jewellery to choose from.

If you’re using an existing pattern, it will normally say which beads you’ll need to get. However, if you’re designing your piece from scratch, it might be easier to make your choice if you start by planning out a general design and pattern of your work. Get down a general idea of how many beads you’ll need and what size and colour beads you want before shopping, and start your search from there.

At CJ Beaders we stock a huge variety of jewellery beads from all over the world, in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colours. From Japanese Miyuki beads to Austrian Swarovski crystals, you’re sure to find something suitable for your peace.

Jewellery Findings 

Depending on the piece of jewellery you’re planning to make, you may also need to purchase some additional jewellery making materials such as jump rings that are used for joining two or more items in the beaded jewellery piece together, or crimp beads that’ll allow you to secure your beadwork when using jewellery beading wire.

We stock a huge range of jewellery findings such as clasps and connectors, as well as jewellery findings kits that contain a variety of different findings and are perfect for beginners.

Jewellery Beading Wire

Jewellery beading wire is another crucial jewellery making material to consider when planning out your project. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing beading wire, that’s why we’ve put together a dedicated article on how to choose the best beading wire for your project that should hopefully answer all of your questions.

Top Three Tools For Jewellery Making

Now that we’ve covered some of the main jewellery making materials, here is a list of the essential jewellery making tools and supplies that you'll need when beginning beading jewellery:


Cutters are great jewellery making tools and will come in handy when snipping the extra wire after crimping the end. There is a variety of cutters that you can choose from and they range from low-cost economy cutters to high-end tools made from high-grade carbon steel. If you are not sure which cutters you need, contact our team at CJ Beaders, and we will be happy to help!

Chain Nose Pliers

Chain nose pliers are one of the most versatile beading tools and can be used for many applications. They’re especially handy when opening and closing jump rings. When opening and closing a jump ring with chain nose pliers, you won’t need to pull the jump ring ends apart, instead, you can easily twist them open and closed. This will save you time and prevent your jump rings from getting misshapen.

Chain nose pliers are also useful for holding small items or bending jewellery wire into the right shape.

Crimping Pliers

Simple and easy to use, crimping pliers are an essential jewellery making tool for beaders. Use them to close crimps or secure beads to secure the beads on the beading wire.

Jewellery Making Tool Kits

If you’re struggling to select your jewellery making tools, then why not go with one of our jewellery making tool kits, such as the Jewellery Making starter tool kit. This bundle contains round nose and chain nose pliers, a pair of cutters, and a  crimp tool. Perfect for taking on holiday or for a beginner beader.

Get The Best Jewellery Making Tools And Supplies From CJ Beaders

At CJ Beaders we stock a great variety of tools for jewellery making from some fantastic brands such as Xuron, Beadalon, The Beadsmith, and more. Browse our online shop or contact us to find out more about the best tools for your jewellery creation.