Sunshine/Moonshine Pendant - A Free Pattern by Damaris Ramenaden

Sunshine/Moonshine Pendant

Designed by Damaris Ramenaden

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96 x Metallic Dark Bronze Quarter-TilasThread
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Step One

Pick up 64 Quarter-Tila beads, then pass through the first couple you picked up to make a ring.

Step Two

Pass back though the top hole of the Quarter-Tila you are coming out from, then pick up 1 x 11/0 seed bead, skip a Quarter-Tila bead and pass though the top hole of the next Quarter-Tila bead. You are essentially following the steps for Peyote stitch, just with a 11/0 seed bead in place of a Quarter-Tila, skipping every other Quarter-Tila beads (see diagram for more detail).

Step Three
Continue around the ring until you have added a total of 16 x 11/0 seed beads. You should find that as you go round and pull them tighter, the Quarter-Tila beads pull towards the middle, making a base for the Cabochon to sit on.

Step Four
Reinforce the ring by weaving around again, however be careful not to pull the thread too tight, in case it breaks against the side of the Quarter-Tila. Once you are happy the ring is taut enough, weave through some the Quarter-Tilas to come out of a top hole on the opposite side, ready to add the top ring.

Step Five
Pick up 1 x Quarter-Tila and pass through the top hole of the next Quarter-Tila. Continue around this side of the ring until you have added a total of 16 x Quarter-Tilas. 

Step Six
Weave through the first couple of Quarter-Tilas you added in the previous step, then step up through the top hole of one of your newly added Quarter-Tilas.

Step Seven

Same as step 2 and 3, pick up 1 x 11/0 seed bead, pass through the next two Quarter-Tilas, then continue adding 1 x 11/0 around the ring, but do not pull too tight yet.

Once you have added all the 11/0s, make sure the ring is loose, and insert your cabochon with the top facing up. You should find the Quarter-Tilas all sit up and around the sides of the cabochon and hold it snug. 

Step Eight
Weave through to reinforce this ring a couple of times, whilst holding the cabochon in place and gently manipulating it so it sits centrally.
Once you are happy with the top ring, weave back through to the row of Quarter-Tilas added in the first step.

We will now add the side embellishments to the design. We chose to do half of one side with the 11/0 seed beads and the other half with SuperDuos, however you can choose to change this as you wish.

Step Nine

Coming out from one of the holes of the Quarter-Tila, pick up 3 x 11/0 seed beads, then pass back through the opposite hole of the next Quarter-Tila (so if you are coming out from a top hole, you will pass back though the bottom hole of the next Quarter-Tila, thereby making a very slight diagonal ‘bridge’ between the two.

Continue adding 3 x 11/0 seed beads and passing through the opposite holes of the next Quarter-Tilas, until you have added a total of 16 ‘bridges’.

Now continue with the same stitch path, however use 1 x SuperDuo in place of the 3 x 11/0 seed beads. Again, you should find you will add a total of 16 SuperDuos to complete the outer ring embellishments.
Step Ten
Your pendant is now finished and you can choose where to add a hanging loop – either coming from one of the 11/0 seed bead bridges, or in between the bridges, using the Quarter-Tila holes as a base for the loop – it’s up to you!

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