A Guide to Miyuki Delica Beads Colours and Durability

A Guide to Miyuki Delica Beads Colours and Durability

Did you know we have over 1,240 colours of Miyuki Delicas in store at CJ Beaders right now? When it comes to Miyuki Delica seed beads there’s a rainbow of colours and finishes available to choose from, ranging from the brightest luminous shades to soft silk and alabaster tones. Let's also not forget about the metallic and galvanised plating on some of the Miyuki Delica beads too!

When it comes to picking colours, it's usually most Beaders biggest downfall, and it's not just to do with how well the colours harmonise together.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know to pick the right Delica beads for your project. Read on to find out more.

How To Pick The Right Miyuki Delica Bead Colours

How many beading projects have you consigned to your one-day-I'll-take-it-apart-and-redo-it-again pile? Or have you spent hours on a spectacular piece of jewellery only to find that months down the line the colours of the beads have shifted?

Maybe you've been lucky and made a beautiful decoration years ago that still looks as if you finished it yesterday?

These occurrences are not always down to how well you've beaded something, or how much experience you've had driving a needle, but are simply down to your choice of colour and finish of the Miyuki beads used.

Bead Finishes From L-R:

Transparent Luster, Silk, Opaque, Opaque AB, Matte Opaque, Matte Opaque AB, Opaque Ceylon, Galvanised

Miyuki Guide To Delica Bead Colour And Durability

Luckily for us, Miyuki have devised a Delica Bead Colour And Durability Chart with a search option that will help you identify not just what Delica beads you have, but how durable they are.

How To Use The Miyuki Delica Bead Colour And Durability Chart?

You can choose to scroll down the list of Miyuki Delica bead colour numbers to see a colour description and how durable it is, to help you work out whether the Delica seed beads you’ve selected are suitable for your project. You can also enter the bead colour number in the search box at the top to jump straight to the right information - this can be much quicker if you have a higher colour number to check or lots of colours you want to investigate.

Miyuki Delica Seed Bead Colour Codes

It is important to note that Miyuki don't officially name their colours, they only go by a colour number. This explains why you'll see a colour description for each Delica bead colour number on their table. However, this may not tally with the name you have on your packs of Miyuki Delica beads. If in doubt, always go by the colour number as this will be the same bead from each manufacturer and supplier. If you’d like to learn how to read Miyuki Delica bead colour number, read our guide to Miyuki Delica Seed Bead Colour Codes.

How Does The Miyuki Delica Bead Colour And Durability Chart help you? 

When you are considering a pattern or a new design, take some time to think about how the beads will be used when you have finished. For example:

·       Will it be a piece of jewellery that will be worn? If so, is it likely to come into direct contact with skin, creams or perfumes? Is it likely to get wet (e.g. from washing hands or hair)? Will the beads rub against each other over time and wear the colour away?

·       Is it to be a wall hanging or home decoration? Will it be placed in direct sunlight or in a high-traffic area where it is likely to get knocked or touched often?

·       Perhaps you're making a seasonal decoration that will only come out for a short period of time each year? Will it be hanging in sunlight or kept out of reach of little fingers?

Knowing how much wear and tear your piece is likely to encounter will help you work out which Delica beads are better suited for its purpose.

Examples Of How The Miyuki Delica Bead Colour And Durability Chart Can Help You Decide

Example 1

These Nickel-Plated Delica beads may have a problem if used for jewellery that has prolonged contact with the skin (see column D), therefore they are better suited for dangly or drop earrings as opposed to a pendant or ring. Column B also denotes there might be a problem with the colour rubbing off from friction or contact with skin acid, which adds credence to our choice for an earring project for these beads.

We'd suggest these Delica beads are more suitable for home or seasonal decoration, or a beaded sculpture, as they'll have less contact with skin. However, it would still be important to keep them out of daylight and carefully packaged up if not being used.

Example 2

With this colour range of Miyuki Delicas, we can see that the DB0035 Galvanised Silver Delica beads do not have strong durability when it comes to friction or skin acid, or dry-cleaning. However, the DB0033 24kt Gold-Lined Crystal Delicas have no problems with usual use regarding the bright sun, deterioration over time, friction or skin acid.

Buy Miyuki Delica Beads Online At CJ Beaders

We hope you find the guide useful in picking your Delica bead colours and finishes. Beadwork is beautiful and we want to do all we can to help it stay that way. If you’re interested to find out more about Miyuki Delica seed beads then check out our blog about the different types of Delica beads.

At CJ Beaders we stock a fantastic range of Miyuki Delica beads in small and large packs and a great variety of colours, finishes, and sizes. Buy Miyuki Delica beads online with CJ Beaders today and get a free UK delivery on orders over £25.